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Founded by Nadia Alterio, Internet Entrepreneur, business woman and former athlete, Smart Woman Marketing provides it's clients with new and innovating marketing strategies for selling and promoting your services, product or brand online!

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What clients are saying ...

“Nadia is one of the most clever people I have had the pleasure to work with. Her knowledge of many customer segments is invaluable for marketers like me. Whether it's sports, entertainment, or e-commerce driven business, she gets it. She is a person you want to include in brainstorming sessions every time. Her ability to understand her target audience is difficult to find in others. I would want to have her take part in any marketing team I was a member of. Her creative and entrepreneurial skills have helped her develop some long lasting lucrative business models. Nadia is a valuable asset for anyone looking for a unique perspective on business and marketing initiatives.”

~ January 12, 2011 - Richard Martinez, Channel Marketing Manager, Media, Vancouver B.C.


“I have the pleasure of knowing and working with Nadia for several years and have seen her create and market "famous chihuahua" brand to a great success right in front of my own eyes. Besides her excellent skills in strategic marketing and brand building she also brings an entrepreneur's passion as well great work ethics to the table. Her knowledge in the internet marketing arena is extremely desirable in todays market place. All in all she is a great person & professional to work with.”

~ January 17, 2011 - Mani Chagtai, Product/Compliance Manager,

Fiver Media, Vancouver B.C.


“Nadia has a real knack of connecting with people digitally. This is a critical skill in link building, where forging relationships with site owners is what - at the end of day - results in a link being built. Nadia's communication skill also allowed her to do some pretty amazing stuff in social media, where she was able to build really strong digital relationships with a large number of people.

Another skill that's important in link building is doggedness. And with her amazing work ethic, Nadia has enormous tenacity in seeing tasks through to completion. Simply put, she's a really, really hard worker. Of course great communication skills and a strong work ethic are valuable for a lot more things than link building or social media, so Nadia's very versatile in what she can do. She has a truly entrepreneurial spirit, and often comes up with really clever ideas that benefit her business or her employer.

She also great at working independently: I've worked with Nadia in an office and from 2,000 miles away, and we had a great working relationship in both situations. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Nadia again if the opportunity arose.”

~ April 30, 2011 - Aaron Bradley, Search Engine Marketing Manager,

Fiver Media, Vancouver B.C.


“Nadia is gifted strategist and visionary who combines business savvy with an enduring work ethic. She produces exceptional results as a team member or individual contributor with the same passion for excellence and success. I highly recommend Nadia for any business or enterprise that values critical thinking, extensive knowledge of SEO and social marketing, and demands results. Choose Nadia when you need the best.”

~ January 12, 2011 - Michael Koehn, Co-founder and Director, Welcome Back MRI and Pain Management Centre,

Kamloops, B.C.


“Nadia has built an amazing brand with her famous chihuahua® line. Nadia is a remarkable entrepreneur and is incredibly skilled with online marketing strategies that I often refer to her for advice. I'm very impressed with Nadia's capabilities and would highly recommend her services.”

~ January 13, 2011 - Melonie Dodaro, President and CEO, MindBody FX Weight Management Company Inc.



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